Warming Socks

Updated March 19, 2017

Are you feeling tired and achy?  A little more sluggish than usual?  Maybe a sore throat?  These early symptoms of cold and flu are your body's warning system.  Time to step up your game.

Use warming socks, a hydrotherapy method, to get your lymphatic system pumping and kick your immune system into high gear.  This is usually my first suggestion when people tell me they are experiencing any sort of head or chest congestion.  The typical response:  they look at me like I've got too many heads.  But I swear to you, if you do this for three nights in a row, you will lessen the effects of whatever your body is fighting off, and possibly even avoid it altogether.  

Warming Socks Helps Treat:

  • head cold, nasal congestion
  • sinus infection
  • chest congestion
  • flu symptoms, like aches and chills
  • sore throat
  • earache
  • headache

Other than relieving the above-mentioned symptoms, this method is safe any age, from infants to the elderly.  There are no side effects, aside from feeling better, and you don't have to take medication!  Interested yet? 

What you need:

  • a pair of regular cotton socks, not too thick
  • a pair of wool socks, a wool blend will do here
  • water
  • your bed
  • a foot bath or your tub (optional)
  • an extra blanket or towel (optional)

The method:

  1. (optional) just before bed, soak your feet in hot water for 5-10 minutes, then towel dry
  2. wet the pair of cotton socks in cold water and wring out slightly so they are not dripping wet, then put them on
  3. pull the dry pair of wool socks on over top of the wet cotton socks
  4. climb into bed
  5. (optional) place an extra blanket or towel over top of your feet
  6. repeat for three consecutive nights for best results

How it works:

Your body wants everything to be balanced (this is called homeostasis).  When you put cold socks onto warm feet, your body wants to equalize the temperature difference, which creates a pumping action between your blood vessels and your lymphatic system.  This, in turn, stimulates your immune system which effectively fights off congestion and viruses. Warming socks works better than decongestants and antihistamines to relieve congestion while you're sleeping.